Up! Energy collect coffee waste to convert them into biomass, using all processes to create insertion opportunities for vulnerable collectives.

The Energy of Coffee– Wake Up!

Do you know that the coffee you’re drinking could heat your home?

  • With the coffee waste generated in Spain for the period of 1 year all the homes in La Rioja (195,000) could be continuously heated for 3 months in winter. 

The waste generated when preparing coffee contains a lot of energy which, up until now, has not been taken advantage of. At Up! we collect this waste to produce a clean energy source, recycling it in the form of biomass – small grains used in biomass boilers and heaters to produce heat. 

Using the existing energy in n the waste we generate not only keeps our environment clean, but also helps avoid the use of fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) that cause so much damage to the environment.  

We call it common sense.


Social Energy – Move Up!


Improving the quality of our environment is a fantastic opportunity for promoting a more sustainable and inclusive society.  At Up! we’re committed to social inclusion and to incorporating people living in social exclusion into the workforce, especially young people who arrive in our country unaccompanied by a responsible adult, and people with an intellectual disability.  

We use logistics collection and production processes to create opportunities for socio-occupational insertion. 


Collective Energy – Team Up!

Collection, conversion into biomass, and inclusion create a vital cycle which, when implemented, generate a Collective Energy. Collaboration with other organisations, companies and establishments is what enables Up! to exist. 


Below are some of our collaborators:

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Up! Energía is an initiative of Factor Escucha