Move up!

Improving the quality of our environment is a fantastic opportunity for promoting a more sustainable and inclusive society. At Up! we’re committed to social inclusion and to incorporating people living in social exclusion into the workforce, especially young people who arrive in our country unaccompanied by a responsible adult, and people with an intellectual disability.
We use logistics collection and production processes to create opportunities for socio-occupational insertion.

Why unaccompanied migrant young people?

Jovenes extutelados

In 2016, in Catalonia alone, 377 unaccompanied minors were under State guardianship and around 60 more arrive each year. These are young people who have risked their lives to flee from war, famine or extreme poverty and arrive in our country without a responsible adult. Although they are under State protection, when they reach the legal age of majority – at 18 – and lack the necessary resources, the majority of these young people will end up on the street, becoming institutionally invisible and highly vulnerable. The first step for social inclusion is access to the labour market, which would allow them to legalise their situation.

At Up! we’re committed to quality inclusion, where ongoing training and emotional support for these young people are fundamental pillars.

To maximise positive social impact, we’ve teamed up with the Barcelona-based association EICASCANTIC (centre for inclusion and training in the old quarter) which, for 15 years now, has been running the Ta Axira programme for linguistic immersion and social inclusion for young people under guardianship. Together we are creating a framework for training and labour market integration that will allow these young people to start their pre-employment training while still under guardianship, which will prepare them for access to the job market, not only in Up!, but also in other companies and organisations as soon as they reach legal age.


Door-to-door collection by people with intellectual disability

The ‘door-to-door’ waste collection method is new in Barcelona, although it’s an internationally widespread concept, and is one that gives the best results (60-80% of waste is separated correctly). It also raises people’s awareness about the waste they generate, which results in a 15% reduction immediately after the system has been introduced. In the case of this pilot test, the door-to-door waste collection will be carried out by  Grup Cooperatiu TEB, an organisation dedicated to the social and labour integration of people with intellectual disability. The company will handle the ‘last-mile logistics’, on foot, in order to create opportunities for labour insertion.  

Up! Energía is an initiative of Factor Escucha Association