Team up!

In November and December, Up! Energía began the collection of coffee grounds from more than 80 establishments, cafés, restaurants and hotels committed to the environment and social insertion, in the neighbourhoods of Sants and Gracia, which included 4 cafés in Sants railway station, managed by the Areas group, and 16 customers of Productos del Café, whose coffee brand Brasilia is the main sponsor of this initiative.

Grup Cooperatiu TEB, dedicated to the social and labour integration of people with intellectual disability, handle the last-mile logistics. In the hospital cafeterias managed by ISS Facility Services España the used coffee grounds will be collected by young migrants who form part of Up! operations.

Once the coffee grounds have been collected, they will be converted into solid biomass in the form of pellets. Up! has the support of the Escuela de Ingenieria de la  UPC in developing the prototype of the production process, whilst striving for maximum sustainability.

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Up! Energía is an initiative of Factor Escucha